243. Telegram From the Embassy in Brazil to the Department of State 1

1604. Embtels 15942 and 1595.3

Following are our preliminary views on basis my quick reading of Kubitschek draft letter and conversations reported reftels.

Washington initial response to this Brazilian initiative may well have important bearing on our relations with Brazil over next few months. Letter is product both of genuine concern felt by responsible Brazilians at what they consider highly uncertain if not downright dangerous situation facing free world and growing feeling here that Brazil as leading South American country and potential world power should assume greater role in free world as well as in purely inter-American affairs. Consequently rebuff or even chilly initial response could have serious consequences at this juncture. On the other hand if upon closer reading the document as it reaches Washington is still found to confine itself to broad general terms it seems to us that Kubitschek’s initiative can be immediately welcomed and subsequent exchange so handled as to permit US sufficient control to ensure that future course will be productive.

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