305. Memorandum for the Record by Goodpaster1

[Facsimile Page 1]

Admiral Strauss phoned on March 25th to say that Secretary Dulles had called him and indicated he had swung around to Admiral Strauss’ line of thinking concerning the discontinuance of atomic tests.

[Typeset Page 1307]

Admiral Strauss said this action left a vacuum, in that neither paper had been adopted at the meeting on the 24th. He said he would talk further with Secretary Dulles as to how action should proceed.

If action were to go forward along the lines of Admiral Strauss’ proposal, a bipartisan meeting should be held to present the matter to Congressional leaders.

A.J. Goodpaster
Brigadier General, USA
  1. Source: Records Strauss’ comments on his conversation with John Foster Dulles on nuclear testing. Secret. 1 p. Eisenhower Library, White House Office Files, Records of the Office of the Staff Secretary, AFC, Vol. II.