290. Letter From Stassen to Eisenhower1

Dear Mr. President:
[Facsimile Page 1]

On March 19, 1955 you requested that I make the studies and submit the recommendations for the policies of the United States in the [Typeset Page 1236] field of control and regulation of armaments, for consideration by you and by the National Security Council.

With the assistance of an able, experienced, and devoted group of men from without and within the government these studies have now been completed and a comprehensive set of recommendations have been made, some of which have already been adopted as the policy of the United States and the others of which are well understood within the Administration. It has been an honor, inspiration, and privilege to work with you in this task.

It is my highest hope and my fervent prayer that our endeavors in this assignment are confirmed in the years ahead as having made a contribution to a lasting peace with freedom and justice.

It is my belief that I may now make a larger contribution to your objective of a durable peace, which I share, by reentering the active political field in the Pennsylvania Governorship campaign and by discussing with the people of our country the issues and problems of the worldwide competition of ways of life and the tasks of building peace and safeguarding against war.

I write with deep appreciation and commendation for your life time of service to our country, with an especial heartfelt thanks for your leadership as President these five years, and with best wishes for the years ahead.


Harold E. Stassen
Special Assistant to the President
  1. Source: Letter of resignation. No classification marking. 1 p. Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, Administration Series, Stassen, Harold E., 1957.