90. Editorial Note

On February 12, 1960, General Hickey delivered to a Special Meeting of the National Security Council an oral presentation of a study, dated November 6, 1959, on the “Appraisal of Relative Merits, From the Point of View of Effective Deterrence, of Alternative Retaliatory Efforts.” The study has not been found; notes dated November 5–6, 1959, on which Hickey apparently based his presentation, are in the National Archives and Records Administration, RG 273, Records of the National Security Council, Official Meeting Minutes File. The study had been prepared in accordance with NSC Action No. 2009 (see footnote 7, Document 38). No memorandum of the discussion at the Special Meeting has been found. Kistiakowsky described the meeting in A Scientist at the White House, pages 253–254.