185. Memorandum From the President’s Special Assistant for National Security Affairs (Gray) to the President’s Staff Secretary (Goodpaster)0

There was another three-hour meeting yesterday on surprise attack and test cessation.1 I feel now that the whole situation is quite well under control.

There is now agreement on the terms of reference for the surprise attack conference. I have examined very carefully into the question of whether the basic division which existed has been glossed over or resolved. It is my conviction that there is at the moment no division. One could arise during the conference if the negotiators found it desirable to request some broadening of the terms of reference. This would have been dependent upon satisfactory progress in earlier phases of the negotiations. If the negotiators ever get to that point then the President may be called upon to make a decision which, under the circumstances, I now [Page 675]feel cannot be made in advance of the conference and may never have to be made.

Also, the test suspension instructions are in much better shape, although there remain some difficulties which could be resolved this week. It is not yet clear to me whether the President will be called upon to express a view with respect to these points.

In any event, however, I will undertake to bring him up-to-date at the earliest opportunity and I would welcome your presence.

  1. Source: Eisenhower Library, White House Office Files, Staff Secretary’s Records, Nuclear Testing. Secret.
  2. The first meeting was on October 16. (Department of State, Secretary’s Memoranda of Conversation: Lot 64 D 199) No record of the October 21 meeting has been found.