13. Editorial Note

At its 360th meeting on March 27, 1958, the National Security Council discussed NSC 5807, “Measures To Carry Out the Concept of Shelter,” dated March 14. Prior to the meeting, on March 24 and 26, Lay transmitted the views of the Planning Board and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, respectively. After discussion, the Council directed that a research and development program go forward, along with a limited program of prototype construction. These measures are described at some length in NSC 5807/1, dated April 2.

At its meeting on July 14, the NSC considered several reports prepared in accordance with its action at the March 27 meeting. The reports are identified and summarized in a memorandum from Bromley Smith to Secretary Dulles, July 10. The NSC also briefly considered the question of shelter at its meetings on December 11 and 18. NSC 5807/2, dated December 24, summarizes NSC consideration of shelter during 1958.

The memoranda of discussion of these four NSC meetings are in the Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, NSC Records. All the other documents cited are in Department of State, S/SNSC Files: Lot 63 D 351, NSC 5807 Series. With the exception of the memoranda of discussion of the NSC meetings held on December 11 and 18, all the documents cited are in the Supplement.