324. Memorandum of a Conversation, Department of State, Washington, October 25, 1957, 10:30 a.m.1



  • VOA Transmitter on Cyprus


  • U.S.
    • The Secretary
    • The Under Secretary
    • Mr. Robert Murphy, G
    • Mr. C. Douglas Dillon, W
    • Ambassador John Hay Whitney
    • Ambassador Livingston T. Merchant
    • Mr. William M. Rountree,NEA
    • Mr. Andrew H. Berding, P
    • Mr. John Wesley Jones,EUR
    • Mr. Gerard C. Smith, S/AE
    • Mr. Marselis C. Parsons, Jr.,BNA
    • Mr. Isaiah Franks, OT
    • Mr. William N. Dale, BNA
    • Mr. John Dorman, NE
  • U.K.
    • Mr. Selwyn Lloyd, British Foreign Secretary
    • Sir Norman Brook, Foreign Office
    • Sir William Hayter, KCMG, Foreign Office
    • Sir Patrick Dean, KCMG, Foreign Office
    • Sir Harold Caccia, British Ambassador
    • Viscount Samuel Hood, Minister, British Embassy
    • Mr. Roger Jackling, Head of Chancery
    • Mr. Denis Laskey, Private Secretary/Foreign Secretary
    • Mr. Willie Morris, First Secretary, British Embassy
    • Mr. F. J. Leishman, First Secretary, British Embassy
    • Mr. J. C. A. Roper, First Secretary, British Embassy

At the Secretary’s request, Mr. Berding outlined existing US information media in the Mediterranean. Mr. Berding explained that a US transmitter relaying VOA programs was located on the ship The Courier anchored off Rhodes. However, the broadcasting facilities of The Courier were unsatisfactory and the transmissions were not strong enough to get past the littoral countries. Meanwhile, Radio Cairo had made great inroads in the Middle East. The US wished to install a powerful transmitter on the Island of Rhodes, but the Greeks were reluctant to give the necessary permission. Congress had already approved $1,100,000 for the installation of a transmitter in the area and there would be additional funds earmarked this year for that purpose. The best location for such a transmitter outside Rhodes was Cyprus. The US now wished to install a 500 kilowatt medium-wave transmitter in Cyprus.

The Secretary said that since this was a new subject, he did not wish to consider it during these talks. This was a matter which should now appropriately be taken up initially by a note from the Department to the British Ambassador.

Mr. Lloyd said that such a request would have to be considered in all its aspects. There was no question, he added, of the UK’s willingness to support such an installation; in fact the UK would be delighted to have such a US installation on Cyprus. However, Nasser would probably react violently to the installation of a VOA transmitter on Cyprus. It might be more practicable to have a VOA installation in Turkey. However, Mr. Lloyd said, he would be glad to give serious consideration to this request at the appropriate time.

  1. Source: Department of State, Conference Files: Lot 62 D 181, CF 926. Secret. Drafted by Dorman, approved by Dulles and Greene, and circulated to appropriate U.S. officials on October 25.