159. Editorial Note

The period of July to November 1957 was marked by slow and sporadic progress in the Azores base negotiations. Although Ambassador Bonbright had informed Secretary Dulles on August 28 that Prime Minister Salazar instructed Dr. Cunha to conclude the negotiations as soon as possible, the proceedings were hampered by Dr. Cunha’s ill health, his preparation for his daughter’s impending wedding, and difficulties in obtaining U.S. clearance for agreed positions. (Telegram 88 from Lisbon, August 28; telegram 50 from Lisbon, August 8; and telegram 158 from Lisbon, October 8; Department of State, Central Files, 711.56353B/8–2857, 711.56353B/8–857, and 711.56353B/10–857)

Changes in the wording of the text were agreed upon on November 8. (Telegram 216 from Lisbon, November 8; ibid., 711.56353B/11–857) The agreement, signed by representatives of both governments on November 15, extended until December 31, 1962. For text, see 8 UST (pt. 1) 409–412.