179. Editorial Note

At the 570th General Assembly meeting the morning of November 9, Ambassador Lodge introduced the following draft resolution:

“The General Assembly,


Considering that the military authorities of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics are interfering in the transportation and distribution of food and medical supplies urgently needed by the civilian population in Hungary,

  • 1. Calls upon the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to cease immediately actions against the Hungarian population which are in violation of the accepted standards and principles of international law, justice and morality;
  • 2. Calls upon the Hungarian authorities to facilitate, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics not to interfere with, the receipt and distribution of food and medical supplies to the Hungarian people and to cooperate fully with the United Nations and its specialized agencies, as well as other international organizations such as the International Red Cross, to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Hungary;
  • 3. Urges the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Hungarian authorities to co-operate fully with the Secretary-General and his duly appointed representatives for the carrying out of the tasks referred to above.


Considering that, as a result of the harsh and repressive action of the Soviet armed forces, increasingly large numbers of refugees are being obliged to leave Hungary and seek asylum in neighbouring countries,

  • 1. Requests the Secretary-General to call upon the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to consult with other appropriate international agencies and interested Governments with a view to making speedy and effective arrangements for emergency assistance to refugees from Hungary;
  • 2. Urges Member States to make special contributions for this purpose.” (U.N. doc. A/3319)

Lodge indicated that the resolution served an immediate need and should be quickly adopted. He considered the longer-range objectives of the five-power resolution introduced earlier (see Document 176) worthy of support. (U.N. doc. A/PV.570, page 48)