451. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom 1

4439. Question communist subversion Singapore/Federation raised with Foreign Minister Lloyd by Secretary last week.2 Consensus was both areas very important from military political points view in SEA and Singapore situation of great concern.

Lloyd briefly described different political situations two areas, noting developments more favorable in Federation. Said UK policy is encourage Malayans take on more responsibility so long as defense reserved to UK, noted London talks going well.3

Lloyd commented difficult problem loyalty Singapore Chinese, added if worse became worst Marshall apparently plans propose direct UK rule.

UK believes leaders both areas tend look New Delhi for guidance future international alignment. Lloyd remarked real problem will result if Nehru throws weight to encompass Malaya in neutralist bloc.

FYI. Department plans further exploratory talks British Embassy near future. You should await further instructions before proceeding CA–5294.4

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 797.00/2–856. Secret. Drafted by Smith and initialed by Sebald. Also sent to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and pouched to Penang.
  2. Reference is to the Eden-Lloyd visit to Washington, January 31–February 1.
  3. Regarding these talks relating to Malayan independence, see infra.
  4. Document 449.