434. Editorial Note

At a meeting of the National Security Council on October 2, Allen Dulles gave the following assessment of recent developments in the Philippines:

“With respect to the election campaign in the Philippines, Mr. Allen Dulles pointed out that it was heating up, with only five weeks to election day. The Nacionalista candidate, Garcia, still had the inside track at the present time so far as we could judge. Garcia [Page 728] was an uninspiring candidate and vulnerable to charges of corruption. Yulo, the candidate of the Liberal Party, had proved something of a disappointment. Emerging as a possible threat to Garcia was the third candidate, Manahan, who in some respects inherited the tradition of Magsaysay. He may still have some chance. In any event, the United States could work well with Yulo or Manahan.” (Memorandum of discussion at the 338th meeting of the NSC by Gleason, October 3; Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, NSC Records)