214. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Israel1

696. Eyes only Ambassador. Re Embtel 931.2 U.S. representative [Page 397] referred to in Deptel 5683 has completed for time being at least, his discussions with top officials Israel and Egypt. While they provided means for exchange of views and elucidation of positions both sides, they have reached impasse for the present. Ben Gurion insists on direct meeting between self and Nasser or other top representatives both sides and is unwilling reveal to intermediary IG’s “paying price for peace”. Nasser, while prepared discuss all questions with intermediary, not willing hold direct meeting at this time. Department pouching to you reports of conversations. Both Ben Gurion and Sharett took part in discussions, which culminated last week. As renewal of effort achieve settlement would be jeopardized by revelation to officials of either government that others than very few who were engaged in operation had knowledge of it, you should confine to yourself information contained this tel and pouched materials.

While Ben Gurion stated to representative IG’s position with respect IG’s arms needs, he was informed that question outside scope of representative’s authority.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 674.84A/3–2256. Top Secret; Alpha; Eyes Only. Drafted by Russell on March 16 and approved by Russell who signed for Hoover.
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