170. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Saudi Arabia 1

56. Embtel 39.2

Department concurs your reply to Bilkhair concerning visit Faisal to China. No further action believed desirable in view possibility their action in informing you of invitation’s rejection may be part of campaign to emphasize cooperation with us in preparation for additional aid requests (Embtel 173). Should King raise matter himself you may repeat your belief in wisdom decision, pointing out also, at your discretion, closer ties Saudi Arabia with Communist countries at this moment might cause confusion among Arabs faced with Communist propaganda in SA and elsewhere. You may also wish emphasize he should consider carefully before associating himself with regime where Moslems are under persecution and where Haj is utilized primarily as propaganda weapon to hide true facts.
With regard establishment diplomatic relations with Soviet Union we believe this is matter King must decide. However if you consider advisable and if King raises question you may wish remind him privately that we have substantial evidence indicating Soviet Embassies in other countries have assisted local Communist activity and that he may wish consider whether establishment relations with Soviet at this time might unduly aid disruptive forces threatening unrest in Arab world.
Should question arise concerning establishment relations with Communist China you may wish take more positive line, stressing that decision must also be King’s but that we do not feel Communist China has recognized obligations in international relations. You [Page 264] may also wish state that, in view little trade, other matters of interest, King should examine carefully motives of Chinese in desiring establish diplomatic mission.

FYI: We feel establishment Communist missions in Saudi Arabia has particularly dangerous potential … and should be discouraged to extent we can discreetly do so. We must avoid however any direct recommendation against such action. End FYI.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 611.86A/7–2555. Secret. Drafted by Newsom and approved by Jernegan. Repeated to Moscow and Hong Kong.
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