27. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Pakistan 1

1368. Embtel 1193.2 Recent reports from Karachi on GOP attitude toward Middle East defense organization suggest GOP clearly interested further steps toward such goal. Department would be interested your opinion as to what steps Pakistanis may be considering in addition those mentioned reftel.

Our position is as follows:

US wishes to see Northern Tier nations, as principal element ME defense, drawn more closely together but we do not wish to exercise pressure to this end. The more local inspiration there is for collective security arrangements, the more effective they are likely to be. Moreover too much initiative by US tends inevitably to increase demand for additional military and economic support which we may not be in position to accord. At the same time any interest Pakistan shows in strengthening ties with Iraq, Iran and Turkey should be encouraged, since if present inchoate defense arrangements are to evolve into an effective security system maintenance of present momentum by achieving earliest full membership seems advisable.
As regards procedure, we feel Turco-Iraqi Pact more suitable vehicle than Turk-Pakistan Pact as basis ME defense because it provides wide latitude for taking defensive measures jointly or among certain of the parties and importantly reflects a more immediate intent to undertake these measures. It provides also for eventual establishment of a ministerial council as another means of implementing its [Page 41] provisions. Thus it would seem desirable Pakistanis adhere Turco-Iraqi Pact. (FYI latter is adequate though not entirely satisfactory instrument for basis security system. It may be that with new membership some additions to instrument may strengthen it. FYI.)
Re US and UK accession Turco-Iraqi Pact see cirtel 463.3

In your discretion you may discuss with Pakistanis our views set forth above indicating our general endorsement Governor General’s views re desirability of military staff talks as proposed Embtel 1 193.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 780.5/3–755. Secret. Drafted by Dixon, Smith, and Thacher; cleared with, Baxter, Fritzlan, and the Department of Defense; and approved by George Allen who signed for Hoover. Repeated to Amman, Baghdad, Beirut, Cairo, Damascus, London, New Delhi, and Tehran.
  2. Dated March 7, not printed. (Ibid., 780.5/3–755)
  3. Document 13.