13. Circular Telegram From the Department of State to Certain Diplomatic Missions1

463. Re Nuri’s suggestion2 that US and UK might wish consider becoming original signatories to proposed Pact with Turkey suggest following line be used in replying Turkish and Iraqi Governments:

As we have indicated US Government strongly supports a Turco-Iraqi Pact. However we question advisability US becoming original signatory or adhering at early date. Although realize Turkey and Iraq would welcome US adherence at this time, our experience has been such as to make us wary of taking action which might give rise impression that Pact is imposed from outside of region. While we have encouraged development Pact it is essentially expression indigenous recognition of true threat to area and willingness to meet that threat if necessary, which fact we would not wish to cloud. Furthermore decision on accession to Pact would require mature consideration within US Government which would inevitably take time. We do not believe problem is urgent one since US already has security arrangements with both Turkey and Pakistan through NATO and Manila Pact. This indirect association with Northern Tier combined with US military assistance agreements with Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan is clear and concrete evidence of strong US interests in security of area.

Question UK accession to pact is of course for British to decide. We would however see no objection their adherence. Considerations mentioned above are largely inapplicable to UK because of its existing special links with both Turkey and Iraq. However we understand UK prefers adhere after Pact signed by Turkey and Iraq. We concur this preference.

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British Embassy Washington already advised of foregoing as our tentative views and reports Foreign Office raises no question. Embassy London should confirm to Foreign Office that communication has been sent.

Embassy Paris may wish inform Foreign Office neither US or UK wish become original signatories Pact.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 682.87/2–1555. Secret; Priority. Drafted by Dixon and approved and signed by, Dulles. Sent to Baghdad and Ankara and repeated to London, Cairo, Damascus, Beirut, Amman, Tehran, Karachi, Paris, and Tripoli.
  2. In telegram 533, February 5, Ambassador Gallman reported that Nuri Said had proposed to British Ambassador, Wright that the projected Turkish-Iraqi pact be signed initially only by Turkey, Iraq, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Gallman added: “It will have been noted from my telegraphic reports of talk with, Nuri that whenever, Nuri touched on a defense pact between Iraq and Turkey he invariably said he would like to see as well participation of some neighboring countries along with US and UK. I think his reiteration of this shows that he attaches considerable importance to our eventual participation. The latest statement to me of his views on a defense pact was reported in my telegram 522 of February 3. US association, I am convinced, would be warmly welcomed by most Iraqis.” (Ibid., 682.87/2–655) Telegram 522 is Document 8.