14. Telegram From the Mission at the United Nations to the Department of State 1

Delga 38. Re Charter review. UK has requested our views on their redraft of Charter review resolution.

“Mindful that Article 10 [109], paragraph 3 of the Charter of the United Nations provides that if a general conference of the members of the UN for the purpose of reviewing the Charter has not been held before the 10th annual session of the GA, such a conference shall be held if so decided by a majority vote of the members of the GA and by a vote of any seven members of the SC;

“Believing that it is desirable to review the Charter from time to time in the light of the experience gained in its operation;

“Recognising that such a review should be conducted under auspicious international circumstances;

“Decides that a general conference to review the Charter should be held at an appropriate time;

[Page 29]

“Further decides to appoint a committee consisting of________ to consider, in consultation with the Secretary-General, the question of fixing a time and place for the conference;

“Requests the Committee to report to the GA with its recommendations at its XIIIth session.”

Regarding second preambular paragraph, UK indicated it might be willing drop phrase “from time to time.”

If we accept language operative paragraph 1, UK says this will constitute their agreement to take decision in principle hold Charter review conference and to follow up GA action with SC action in accordance with Charter. They will make public statement to this effect at appropriate time as well as tell others of their position on this point.

Department will note that operative Paragraph 2 does not include word “preparatory” and that committee would consider question of fixing time and place but not organization and procedure of general conference. Also, committee would report at XIIIth Session rather than XIth.

UK also believes our list of 17 for commission “packed with pro-Charter review proponents.” Specifically they suggest different Arab state in substitution for Egypt and dropping Philippines, Greece, Turkey, and Indonesia or Burma from list. Agree that 3 Latin Americans should be on, though not necessarily those we have on list.

UK favors early consideration of this item.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 310.1/9-3055. Confidential; Priority.