15. Telegram From the Department of State to the Mission at the United Nations1

Gadel 12. Re: Charter Review. Reference Delga 38, September 30. Dept considers UK redraft while it goes some way meeting our views in effect decision to decide view phrase “at an appropriate time” end first operative paragraph, which detracts clear decision in principle hold conference. Dept also considers UK redraft would [Page 30] actually still postpone review conference too long. Conference under UK formula not likely be held before 1960 since suggested committee would undertake no preparatory work, and preparations would therefore have to be made after decision in 1958 on time conference.

Delegation therefore requested seek UK agreement omission “at an appropriate time” operative paragraph one UK redraft; addition end second operative paragraph phrase “and its organization and procedures”; and substitution XIIth for XIIIth in third operative paragraph. Delegation should point out these changes UK redraft necessary our standpoint avoid impression conference postponed indefinite future and same time would meet UK objection decision hold early conference since could not possibly be held before 1958 if committee does not report until XII session.

Delegation should also point out notation in preambular paragraph two US draft in keeping language Article 109(3). However we not prepared insist this point. Similarly, would prefer see “from time to time” omitted preambular paragraph three UK redraft since it somewhat out of keeping Charter context resolution, but this point not essential.

Re composition committee, delegation should make clear our list still tentative and subject further consideration both here and in consultation other delegations.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 310.1/9–3055. Confidential. Signed by Wainhouse for the Secretary.