60. Telegram From the Delegation at the Vienna Ambassadorial Conference to the Delegation at the North Atlantic Council Ministerial Meeting, at Paris1

411. Raab and Schaerf agreed to maintain Austrian position on Article 35 at least today.2 Raab explained however that at Moscow he had agreed that repurchase of oil fields and properties and DDSG would be bilateral arrangement between Soviet Union and Austria. Both he and Schaerf said they had no fears that Soviet Union would not carry out agreement. They begged us inform our governments that Soviet concessions marked big advance over treaty which we were willing to sign at Berlin and that we should not allow quick conclusion of treaty to be lost over this point.

If Soviets do not agree today we will state must seek instructions. I would strongly recommend we agree to meet end of this week but reserve our position on Article 35 for discussion by Ministers. Point arises whether we should maintain our offer to add provision re non-return German assets in Western zones to Germany.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 396.1–VI/5–1055. Secret; Priority. Repeated to London and Washington. The source text is the copy sent to Washington.
  2. At noon on May 10 Thompson reported that following a violent debate within their delegation the Austrians had decided to withdraw their insistence on tying the Moscow agreement to the treaty. Thompson reported further that he and Wallinger hoped to persuade them to remain firm for at least one more day. (Telegram 2668 from Vienna; ibid., 663.001/5–1055)