50. Telegram From the Office of the High Commissioner for Austria to the Department of State1

2618. We learned that Soviets berated Austrians for having proposed so many revisions in the treaty, effect of which has been to frighten Austrians badly. Even in the meetings Ilyichev has openly and unmercifully twisted Figl’s arm. Result has been that on such matters as troop withdrawal Austrians continue to say Soviet proposal acceptable and leave to me entire burden of carrying the fight, although they are worried by the risks involved. They also have weakened on Article 35 to point of saying they would accept any solution [Page 85] agreed by the Four Powers. Austrians are convinced that Soviets wish to conclude treaty and get out quickly and think that after signature Soviets will probably return some USIA enterprises even before ratification. If I can hold them and other Western powers in line believe we will prevail in achieving our objectives.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 396.1–VI/5–555. Secret. Repeated to London, Paris, and Moscow.