349. Editorial Note

The morning of November 10 held a very full schedule for the United States Delegation. Following the morning delegation meeting at 9:15, Secretary of State Dulles met at 9:30 with the Ceylonese Ambassador to discuss his country’s prospective membership in the United Nations. At 10, the Tripartite Working Group on Disarmament met; at 10:10, Russell discussed the Middle East with Shuckburgh; and at 11, the Committee of Experts on East-West Contacts held its final meeting. At noon, the three Western Foreign Ministers met for a discussion of strategy during the consideration of disarmament. At 1 p.m., Secretary Dulles attended a luncheon given by the Swiss Government. The tenth meeting of the four Foreign Ministers was held at 4. Following the meeting Suydam briefed the press at 7:50, and Dulles attended a dinner given by Macmillan. (Department of State, Conference Files: Lot 60 D 627, CF 581, Chron–19 and US OD/12)

Records of the tripartite and quadripartite meetings of the Foreign Ministers and the final meeting of the Committee of Experts follow. Reports on the staff meeting, the conversation with the Ceylonese Ambassador, Suydam’s press conference, and the dinner with Macmillan are ibid. No records for the other meetings have been found in Department of State files.