3. Telegram From the Office of the High Commissioner for Austria to the Department of State1

1882. Eyes only Acting Secretary and Merchant. Figl has informed Western High Commissioners in strictest confidence as follows:

Molotov yesterday asked Bischoff to come to see him and elaborated his views on Austrian question asking that Austrian Government inform no one of this approach. He explained that Soviet Union did not demand total agreement on German question but wanted security that Anschluss would not take place now or in future. How this was to be accomplished was not explained but he did say that if this was achieved Austrian treaty could be concluded and evacuation carried out immediately. Bischoff’s brief message did not explain what next step was to be. Presumably Soviets are softening up Austrians to support some Soviet initiative with Western Powers. Figl hopes receive further information and to discuss matter with Raab, who is out of town, on Monday.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 663.001/2–2655. Top Secret; Priority. Repeated to London, Paris, and Moscow eyes only for the Ambassadors.