256. Proposal of the French Delegation1



Believing that the organisation of peace does not consist merely in seeking military methods of decreasing international tension, but also involves a progressive return to closer and more trusting relations between the peoples who are divided today; that, although the existence of two security zones in Europe at the present time has to be recognised, that by no means implies a final acceptance of the division of the continent; that, on the contrary, the French Government is convinced that, so long as Europe remains divided, the peace of the world cannot be firmly established; and that the condition of the progressive re-establishment of European unity is the creation on both sides of the line which now too positively divides the two worlds, of closer relationships between the peoples, easier contacts between individuals, and wider exchanges between their economic systems;

The French Government puts forward the following proposals aimed at facilitating the free movement of men, ideas and goods:

Travel facilities for individual tourists;
Exchanges between professional, scientific, technical and artistic groups;
Exchange of professors and students, as well as of lecturers;
Exchange of books, newspapers, scientific reviews, and documentary films;
Free access to sources of information in the different countries, especially facilities for the press;
Exchange of all types of statistics between the different countries;
The development of international trade relations for the mutual benefit of the countries concerned;
Association between the countries of Eastern and Western Europe in common organisations, particularly in the spheres of transport and power;
The creation of a common investment fund in Europe for the institution of public works of general value, from which the different countries would benefit in common.

  1. Source: Department of State, Conference Files: Lot 63 D 123, CF 514. Translation. This proposal was made at the Sixth Plenary Session of the Heads of Government, July 22; see Document 236.