15. Telegram From the Office of the High Commissioner for Austria to the Department of State1

2149. Schoener invited representatives three Western powers to call morning March 29 and officially communicated Cabinet decision to accept invitation to Moscow. Aust Delegation will be composed of Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Figl and Kreisky and will be accompanied by Schoener and Verosta, Chief Legal Dept Fon Off. Aust group intend fly Moscow Monday April 11 and hope return Vienna Friday April 15.

Schoener remarked Austs do not desire remain longer since (1) they believe everything could be said in course of one day and (2) they are expecting official visit Prime Minister Bech of Luxembourg on Monday April 18.

In response question Schoener stated announcement acceptance of invitation would be made in official communiqué this afternoon and Austs did not contemplate further written communication to Sov Govt. He volunteered he had already informed Ivanov of Sov element concerning Aust acceptance and Ivanov had asked whether the decision had been unanimous. Schoener replied all Cabinet decisions taken unanimously, whereupon Ivanov inquired whether there had not been some opposition, particularly whether Amb Gruber had not on “instructions from Washington” sought to delay acceptance Moscow’s invitation. According Schoener Ivanov appeared genuinely surprised when he was assured there had been no opposition or intervention from any quarter.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 663.001/3–2955. Confidential; Priority. Repeated to Moscow, Paris, London, and Bonn.