795.00/12–853: Telegram

The Representative for the Korean Political Conference (Dean) to the Department of State


155. Repeated information Seoul, Tokyo, CINCUNC unnumbered. As I indicated on November 30 in mytel 120,2 Communist proposal that day showed they do not want Political Conference now, and in mytel 1223 suggested wait Communists either accept or break off these talks, or recess them indefinitely.

Now clear Communists have taken hard stand. They probably will not wish to take initiative break or recess talks here, although they will continue to try to provoke us into doing so. Faced with rude categoric rejection and refusal even pick up our (mytel 1534) proposal, I strongly [Page 1653] believe we should not dangle along much longer after today. Our moderate position vis-à-vis Communist truculence would seem to put 16 UN members in most favorable possible light in seeking Political Conference. If Swiss announce declination, most important they make it clear it is for policy reasons and not because of wording our proposal since other side says our formulation insulting to true neutrals.

Request your guidance time schedule—believe I should continue meetings at least through this week. This would be better than peremptory demand they accept or else we go home. It would also carry over beyond UNGA adjournment although have no information on this point. Accordingly, would hope end talks here about Saturday 12 December, if this meets your approval.

Also request your guidance whether (A) terminate talks, (B) recess them indefinitely, or (C) recess them on call either side to meet again by mutual agreement.

They will undoubtedly accuse us of recessing talks so as to prevent Political Conference considering prisoner-of-war question and thereby arguing paragraph 11 timetable does not work. Might be well to alert press to this line of attack.

Assume our proposal now meets full approval other 15 UN members and no one thinks we should make any other offer.

  1. There was no time of transmission indicated on this telegram, which was received at the Department of State at 8:12 a.m., Dec. 8.
  2. Not printed, but see footnote 2 p. 1629.
  3. Dated Dec. 1, ibid.
  4. Supra.