795.00/12–853: Telegram

The Representative for the Korean Political Conference (Dean) to the Department of State


153. Department pass USUN; repeated information Seoul, Tokyo, CINCUNC, New Delhi unnumbered.

This morning at 1100 hours presented written proposal contained mytels 149 and 151.2 Communists immediately in the meeting flatly, curtly and “categorically” rejected it as absurd, ridiculous and stale. They did not look at English, Korean, Chinese copies I handed to Ki who did not take them. Huang and Ki did not touch proposals and left them lying on table after meeting recessed. Plan to make the most of [Page 1652] this calculated rudeness tomorrow, so suggest not featuring it in comments.

This, together with general tenor of their statement, constitutes very good proof they have ceased real negotiations. Their statement following my proposal was rehash and solely propaganda—similar to Chou En-lai radio statement yesterday and statements in UNC MAC.

Pyun issued statement denouncing theory of having neutrals and insisting USSR be on Communist side which Embassy Seoul has sent Department. Have urged Pyun through Briggs not to emphasize any differences between us on offer in view flat rejection. Believe we are approaching the end of the talks, and on talks themselves are in excellent position, except for ROK intransigence on neutrals, and stubborn opposition to any finessing of USSR, et cetera.

In UNC MAC and NNRC meetings and on Peiping radio they are building up simultaneous attack on prisoner of war timetable and our alleged efforts to impede convening of conference and insisting PC must precede release. Pyun remains absolutely obdurate on any formula for convening conference and either sees no connection to have good Indian relations and prisoner timetable or else wants intentionally to exacerbate ROK-Indian relations which his brother does daily in the newspaper Korea Republic.

Full summary today’s meeting follows.3

  1. There was no time of transmission indicated on this telegram, which was received at the Department of State at 8:10 a.m., Dec. 8.
  2. Neither printed. (Both 795.00/12–753) For a text of the proposal, see Department of State Bulletin, Dec. 21, 1953, pp. 877–878.
  3. The reference was to telegram 154 from Munsan-ni, Dec. 8, 1953, not printed. (795.00/12–853)