795.00/12–553: Telegram

The Representative for the Korean Political Conference (Dean) to the Department of State


492. Repeated information Tokyo 289, repeated information New Delhi 28, information Munsan-ni by pouch. Tokyo pass CINCUNC. From Dean.

Bond, Young and I met with President Rhee, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister for hour this morning. President very calm.

I said we must all stand together against Communists and essential there be no division in our ranks, that all United Nations members contributing troops who would participate in conference wanted to make full written proposal to Communists and then stand before the world on that proposal and we felt essential to have some nonbelligerent nations there but would probably not use term “nonvoting observer” as I had previously called them. Parenthetically I believe use of term neutral in relation to India, Czechoslovakia or Poland is highly allergic to him.

Presented our proposed written proposal which Pyun read aloud and left copy with each of them. Emphasized USSR not a neutral and explained unit voting per side but emphasized resolution [paragraph] 5 (A) UNGA August 281 and read again sentence that each government bound only by substantive agreements to which it adheres. Went over very carefully precise things invited nonvoting governments could and could not do. Pyun very insistent USSR must be on other side and objected to composite scheme, alphabetical scheme or in fact anything which did not in effect list USSR as belligerent. Carefully explained why we must have USSR and that in insisting on her presence we were really adding to two sides specifically named in armistice agreement. Pyun remained unconvinced. He raised further objections to dropping out term “nonvoting observer” and disliked use of word “participate” though I carefully explained could only speak on agenda items, in agenda order, and in scheduled order, and could not introduce proposals. He further objected to use “unanimous” in describing agreement between two sides.

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President Rhee said they would study carefully and at my request agreed to meet Sunday2 at 11 with me.

Explained in confidence Swiss might not come and we might try eliminate Czechs and Poles, but could not promise. Said might end up with Sweden, India and Pakistan or just latter two, and would be hard bargaining. Must have room to maneuver. They wanted me to specify countries.

Believe going will be very tough but am hopeful. Expect Pyun to be very difficult on whole proposal and on detailed language. Returning Munsan-ni this afternoon.

  1. For a text of the resolution, see Department of State Bulletin, Sept. 14, 1953, p. 366.
  2. Dec. 7.