320/12–652: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Mission at the United Nations1


Gadel 98. Re Korea, Delga 334.2 As we see it, in event Commie rejection GA res, it wld not be desirable from US point of view to have further discussion of Korean case prior to holiday recess. Problem, therefore, is to avoid or minimize such discussion, without giving impression that GA not concerned about Commie rejection and not planning to do anything about it; also, we shld be setting stage for possible further action on Korea when GA reconvenes.

If Commie rejection does not come before GA recess, interim situation can be handled by GADel press statement alone. If, however, rejection comes before recess, it appears inevitable that something be done or said in GA to indicate continuing urgent GA interest and concern, and set stage for possible further GA consideration shld that prove desirable. Dept strongly prefers avoiding any res or discussion and wld hope that matter cld be handled by matter-of-fact Pearson statement, which wld seem to be simplest feasible method of disposing of matter. Pearson wld state GA membs, in light of Commie reply, will require time for consideration and consultation and President wld therefore suggest that Korea not be taken up again until GA reconvenes. Pearson will probably also wish to add hope that in interim Commies will reconsider rejection. (We hope that he will not go any further or send new message to Peiping.)

Suggest you discuss with Pearson along above lines, and with Lloyd if you consider desirable. Shld there be any indication that other dels will at this time introduce new res or seek other substantive action, we may have to consider other tactics to forestall such move.

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Dept believes USDel shld also make press statement when Commie rejection becomes known. Such statement, along lines outlined by you to Hickerson, might include:

Expression of regret and concern that Commies have rejected just, fair and reasonable proposals approved by 54 membs of UN.
There can be no compromise with basic humanitarian principles embodied in GA res Dec 3.3 Commies now have before them this GA proposal as well as 5 other proposals consistent with basic UN principles put to them by UN negotiators at Panmunjom. If Commies will accept basic UN principles, these outstanding proposals provide numerous alternative plans for settling PW question. Until Commies accept basic UN principles, new formulae or variations on outstanding plans will serve no purpose.
Expression of US view that UN has shown determination to take all practicable action to end hostilities in Korea on a basis consistent with UN principles so that UN action can be terminated and UN objectives in Korea achieved by peaceful means. UN and UNC have made every possible effort to achieve honorable armis and end hostilities. Choice of peace in Korea now clearly lies with Commies and their supporters.
Statement that Commies rejection poses for UN and for GA membs situation requiring careful consideration and consultation.
Expression of hope Commies will recognize world opinion is unanimous against them and reconsider attitude to GA res Dec 3.

Dept wld like to consider desirability such statement in light actual text Commie reaction, and to see text proposed statement prior to release.

  1. This telegram was drafted by Henkin and was cleared by Hickerson, Matthews, Bohlen, and Bruce as well as with Johnson in draft.
  2. Supra.
  3. The reference was to the Indian resolution as amended which passed the General Assembly on Dec. 3, p. 702.