795.00/12–252: Telegram

The Ambassador in India (Bowles) to the Department of State


2272. For Howland Sargeant. Ind Korean res clearly offers us excellent propaganda opportunity but one which must be handled with great tact and care for maximum effectiveness. Suggest the following points:

Ind shld be given credit, but we shld be careful not to wrap our arms around her or we may be rebuffed. In other words, while giving full credit to Ind, we shld not gloat over fact Ind took position counter to that of Sov-Chi bloc, nor shld we imply that this indicates closer Ind alignment with West.
As result recent developments most people this part world convinced that Chi probably was willing to accept truce, but that Sov prevented agreement. This conviction runs counter previously held view here that Commie Chi stands on own feet and basically independent of Sov control.
To some extent belief that Sov influenced Chi decision due conviction that while Chi has everything to gain from a truce, Sov has everything to gain from continued fighting. I have emphasized this point privately with great effectiveness, stressing that Chi has many problems that cry for solution, that Chinese soldiers are doing the dying, that truce wld probably lead to peace in Korea, and that peace in Korea might readily lead to a broad Asian settlement, which wld give all Asian countries including Chi an opportunity press forward with business of peace and raise living standards their people. I have stressed that Russia, on other hand is losing no men, is being given a free opportunity to test new weapons, and by promoting continuation conflict is keeping China tied to Russia coat-tails and also keeping Asia stirred up and keeping China from coming to understanding with the West.
This analysis is generally accepted and I believe it very much in our interests promote it. Although the possibility China splitting off from Russia may seem remote, this is good angle to stress in this part of world because it represents general hope and of course there is always some slight chance it might succeed. However, suggest that this not be handled too blatantly or it might make Chi Commies feel it necessary heal any breach which might possibly be in the making.