320/11–2852: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Department of State

top secret

Delga 288. Dept pls relay New Delhi niact; rptd New Delhi 7. Re Korea.

As reported Delga 284,1 USDel has been trying to bring Ind res to vote as soon as possible. We hoped Menon wld speak Nov 28 p.m., and res cld come to vote immed or at latest Nov 29. Toward close of mtg Nov 28, however, Menon again asked to postpone his speech this time to Dec 1. Indonesia supported Menon and made formal motion to adjourn until Dec 1 which Vyshinsky backed. Altho US and UK voted against adjournment until Dec 1, motion carried 27–24 with number of abstensions.
FYI only. During lunch Nov 28, Madame Pandit spoke to Secty and later sent him note saying she had urged Menon to speak Nov 29 but he insisted on delaying to Dec 1. She stated that she was worried by delay which she thought was dangerous. Subsequently, Madame Pandit [Page 699] informed us that although she received full clearance from New Delhi during course of afternoon, Menon had nevertheless insisted on seeking postponement his speech to Dec 1.
Rumor and speculation at UN as to purpose in Menon’s delay included fol three possibilities: He may
Seek to withdraw Indian res;
Accept some Sov amendments particularly one calling for an immed cease fire;
Propose comite invite Chi Commie to get their views on Ind proposal before putting it to vote.
While we do not believe Menon will in fact do any of these, we are concerned he might take some step which would divert present course or at least further delay vote his res. Any such move would confuse situation in GA and jeopardize unanimous non-Communist support for basic US position which Ind res appears on verge of achieving. US wld strongly oppose adoption of Sov amendments or invitation of Chi Commies, and if Ind shld seek to withdraw its own res at this stage we wld seriously consider going ahead with this res without Ind sponsorship. End FYI.
You shld in your discretion again talk to Nehru, congratulating him for statesmanlike role which Ind has played in UN in rallying free world opinion behind moral principle non-forcible repatriation and specific plan to implement this principle and bring peace to Kor. Ind being about to achieve this remarkable success, it is essential that this historic Ind contribution to cause of UN and peace be quickly consummated and not be jeopardized by delay and possible divisive or dilatory Commie tactics. Earliest possible vote on Ind res wld bring to fruitful close long debate in GA and wld launch forces of world opinion which we hope Commies cannot long withstand. It is earnest US hope that Ind del will be instructed to help bring Ind res to vote immed after Menon’s speech Dec 1.
  1. Not printed (320/11–2752).