793.00/9–954: Telegram

No. 286
The Commander in Chief, Pacific (Stump) to the Joint Chiefs of Staff 1

top secret

090325Z. JCS 082149Z cite JCS 967397.2 Am separately querying ChMAAG Formosa and directing he reply info above addresses. Consider every effort is being made CINCPAC, ComFormDefCom (US) and ChMAAG Formosa level to insure effective and aggressive use US furnished MDAP equipment in off-shore defense. Most recent actions by Chase include (1) continuing command and staff liaison Kinmen (MajGen MacDonald there twice since emergency started, 6 off and 4 enl men there now), (2) coordinating ChiNat proposed naval and air actions to include reconnaissance, (3) influence and advice at MND level and (4) tng and logistical assistance to meet emergency. Qualified ground observer team from CINCPAC arrives Kinmen 9 Sep.

For emergency equipment requirements to improve off-shore defenses, particularly Kinmen, list follows. Expediting delivery previously submitted priority deficiency lists Formosa will both directly and indirectly improve off-shore defenses.

  1. Repeated for information to Chief, MAAG, at Taipei.
  2. Supra . Both number groups refer to the same telegram; the first indicates the date and time of transmission.