793.00/9–854: Telegram

No. 285
The Joint Chiefs of Staff to the Commander in Chief Pacific (Stump)1

top secret

JCS 967397. From JCS. Pending a decision as to whether United States forces will actively participate in the defense of the off-shore islands, your attention is invited to the fact that current national policy is to encourage and assist the Chinese Nationalist Government to defend them against Communist attack. It is expected that ChiNats will utilize military equipment which we have furnished in an effective and aggressive manner in connection with operations in defense of Quemoy on the scale which we envisage as a result of their plans.

As a separate but related subject, CINCPAC is requested as a matter of priority and without consultation with ChiNats to inform JCS of any requirements for equipment which he considers would materially increase ChiNats capabilities for defense of off-shore islands and which by its nature could probably be furnished quickly.

  1. Repeated for information to Chief, MAAG, at Taipei.