396.1 GE/5–654: Telegram

No. 187
The Under Secretary of State (Smith) to the Department of State1


Secto 122. Department pass Defense. Subject of Tosec 742 discussed with Trevelyan UK delegation. He suggested approach to Chinese Communists at Geneva be made through IRC (Secto 104)3[Page 415]in coordination with UK approach at Pei-ping. Stressing his personal view only, Trevelyan emphasized his reluctance deal with Chinese Communists here except on British commonwealth personnel due presence representatives rest of 16 Geneva.

We propose using approach suggested by Trevelyan and need urgently by air pouch four copies list all unaccounted for UNC personnel being made available UK for transmittal Communists Peiping. While we agree IRC approach here should be substantively along same lines as British note Peiping suggest IRC approach be made as soon as list received here rather than delayed several weeks presumably necessary transmittal list through British at Peiping.4 Trevelyan agrees our view IRC approach on civilians should be handled separately.

  1. Repeated for information to London, Seoul, and Tokyo for CINCUNC. Under Secretary Smith was at this time heading the U.S. Delegation at the Geneva Conference.
  2. Tosec 74 to Geneva, May 4, concerned the possibility of an informal British approach to the Chinese Delegation at Geneva, to be coordinated with a planned British approach in Peking, regarding the UN Command personnel still not accounted for. (396.1 GE/4–3054)
  3. Section 104 from Geneva, May 5, reported that the delegation proposed to accept an offer made by representatives of the International Red Cross to take up with the Chinese Delegation the question of U.S. nationals detained in China, including UN Command personnel, other U.S. military personnel, and civilians. (396.1 GE/5–554)
  4. Tosec 105 to Geneva, May 8, approved the proposed International Red Cross approach but stated that, to avoid duplication, it should be a general representation without submission of detailed lists. An unnumbered Section from Geneva, May 12, reported that U. Alexis Johnson had discussed the subject with IRC officials and that the delegation did not plan any further diplomatic measures with respect to UN Command personnel. (396.1 GE/5–654 and 396.1 GE/5–1254)