460.509/11–553: Telegram

No. 148
The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Aldrich) to the Department of State 1


1963. Excon. UK raised question whether Paris committees2 should not begin consider in near future form which China controls should take in event Far East settlement. US made statement (text being pouched)3 to following effect: (a) strong position such review premature and unrealistic until further progress made toward Far Eastern settlement and clearer idea obtained re nature such settlement; (b) plans or alternatives based upon premature speculation might hamper application of best judgment when time for revising China controls did arrive; (c) danger such review becoming public knowledge thus adversely affecting current negotiations with Communist Chinese. UK inquired whether US at least willing discuss this problem in trilateral with French. US agreed but indicated would express same view. Also noted relationship this matter to tri-Foreign Ministry agreement4 and understanding that question of review might be raised later by the Ministers or through diplomatic channels.

  1. Repeated for information to Paris for the Office of the Special Representative in Europe.
  2. Reference is to the Consultative Group and its related working groups. U.S. and British representatives were holding bilateral talks in London in preparation for a pending meeting of the Consultative Group; for further documentation pertaining to these talks, see vol. i, Part 2, pp. 1039 ff.
  3. Under cover of despatch 1696, Nov. 9. (460.509/11–953)
  4. See telegram 259 to Bonn, Document 124.