751.5 MSP/6–1752: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in France.1


7404. Pass SRE. Cotel. In course Letourneau talks today,2 US side informed Fr that subject appropriations US wld be prepared provide [Page 203] up to 150 mil dols addl FY 1953 aid in support overall Fr effort in IC, which probably will remain, as stated in Letourneau memo (Embtel 7682 June 9),3 substantially same next year. It might be considered this addl aid wld in effect add to Fr resources to meet increased overall Fr requirements in Eur in 1953. Relation this addl aid to overall US aid to Fr in FY 1953 and total Fr defense effort in calendar 1953 will be determined in course NATO annual review.

Fr informed that in view Lisbon understanding, no addl aid available for Fr calendar 1952 budget for IC, but that we are considering Pleven request for add OSP in 1952.4

Copies US position paper5 and minutes being pouched marked Sprouse. Text communiqué fols in separate tel.6

  1. Drafted by Edgar J. Beigel of the Office of Western European Affairs. Repeated for information to London as telegram 6682 and to Saigon as telegram 1984.
  2. For an extract from the summary minutes, see supra.
  3. Telegram 7682 from Paris, June 9, not printed, contained a summary of a memorandum received from Letourneau at Paris on the same day, which provided information on total French expenditures for Indochina in 1952. (601.5151G/6–952)
  4. For documentation on overall U.S. assistance to France, see volume vi.
  5. Reference is to document LET D–1/1, “Aid Aspects of Letourneau Talks,” June 14, not printed. (Conference files, lot 59 D 95, CF 114)
  6. Regarding the communiqué of June 18, see editorial note, infra.