792.5 MSP/12–953: Telegram

No. 407
The Chargé in Thailand (Parsons) to the Department of State


1168. Reference Embtel 1139.1

Part III of lV—USIA.

This message includes summary recommendations for USIS carried Ambassador Donovan.

USIS program coverage requirements include adjacent areas as approved NSC.2 New Thai political-psychological efforts require USIS support (see reference telegram). Need continue publicize accomplishments United States emphasize Communist threats and emphasize joint efforts United States with peoples SEA preserve freedom and cultural integrity.

Accomplishment program depends designation competent personnel and provision adequate funds. Need $1.25 million recommended recent NSC action3 as minimum. Also need increase personnel.

Specifics recommended program include (1) propaganda offensive against infiltration from Thai autonomous state, (2) informing Thai of threat to monarchy, religion, tradition of independence, (3) develop method of dealing with Vietnamese refugees Thailand, (4) aid Associated States exposing Viet Minh threat SEA using cultural ties Laos, Cambodia and Thai, (5) expand Chinese program in Thailand.

  1. Document 405.
  2. Reference is presumably to the NSC-approved portion of Document 403.
  3. This figure was recommended in the Financial Appendix to PSB D–23, not printed. The National Security Council did not approve the Appendix, however, but deferred decision on the question of seeking additional funds; see Document 400.