792.5 MSP/12–1153: Telegram

No. 408
The Chargé in Thailand (Parsons) to the Department of State


1179. For Ambassador Donovan. Due numerous holidays here able hold first conversation Kharb Kunjara1 and Gillmore only December [Page 701] 9. Kharb would promise full translation material handed you night before departure not before December 12. With time required transmission doubtful available Washington before Christmas, if then. Kharb’s oral translation in discussion indicates request covers cost full Thai aspirations completely equip plus one year operation maintenance of agreed MAAG—Thai Armed Forces plus few military units not agreed. Total cost request appears neighborhood baht 4 billion (approximately $250 million).

Gillmore suggests:

Program this scope would require new concept MDAP and place United States in position principal provider for Thai defense budget.
Program is quickly assembled requests with no coordination or audit exercised at Department Defense level.
Majority items can be produced purchased locally by Thai Government including housing, swimming pools, clothing, etc., which contrary MDAP regulations.
Not in agreement since consider Thai Government capable performing these functions itself.
This type assistance would accomplish reverse MDAP objects make them more dependent.
Advise Ambassador Donovan determine if MDAP Thailand can be augmented in scope funds and to what degree and amount.
Upon receipt reply, we in position audit request and program such items included revised MDAP.

  1. Secretary to the Prime Minister.