The Liberian Chargé (David) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your note of July 6, 1954 referring to the Embassy’s note of June 29, 1954 which was in reply to the United States Department of State note of May 19 [10], 1954 regarding the use of Roberts Field, Liberia, by the United States Government during a national emergency.1

In reply, I have the honour to advise the acceptance and assent by my Government for the United States Government to use Roberts Field during such national emergency and in accordance with the terms and provision of the 1942 agreement between our two Governments. In accordance with the suggestion contained in your note under reply, the notes exchanged and this reply will be regarded as placing on record the understanding between our two Governments in this matter.

Be pleased [etc.]

Wilmot A. David
  1. The notes referred to are not here printed. On Feb. 3, 1954, in response to the Department’s note of Aug. 4, 1953, p. 514, the Liberian Government indicated its willingness to consider an exchange of notes incorporating the views of the United States regarding the use of Roberts Field during a national emergency. (711.56376/2–354) The United States suggested on May 10 (711.56376/2–354) that the Liberian Government authorize such use under the provisions of the Defense Areas Agreement of Mar. 31, 1942. Ambassador Simpson indicated the assent of his government to such an arrangement on June 29, 1954. (711.56376/6–2954) Dulles thereupon indicated that his response, dated July 6, 1951, should be understood as formalizing this understanding. (711.56376/6–2954) The source text was then the last step completing the exchange of notes.