776.11/4–1054: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Liberia

official use only

85. You are instructed extend following invitation from President Eisenhower to Tubman:

“I understand that Mr. Harvey Firestone has indicated the hope that you may be able to visit Akron, Ohio, in the near future. Such a visit will, I am sure, be most welcome to the American people as a further indication of the bonds which unite our two countries and of the warm feelings which characterize this relationship.

“It is my sincere hope that you will be able to come to the United States and, during your trip, visit Washington as an official guest of the United States Government. In emphasizing the wish that you will be able to accept this invitation, I know that I am speaking in behalf of all my fellow citizens who recognize the achievements of Liberia and admire the role it plays in Africa.”

Inform Tubman you will present written invitation upon its receipt. Precise date Washington visit to be arranged later in consultation with Liberian Embassy Washington. White House indicates last half October probably best time.

You should give no publicity until press release can be properly coordinated Department and Liberian Embassy Washington. Request Liberian Government withhold comment as well in order have coordinated announcement.