Editorial Note

A May 15 press release by the Department of State announced that arrangements were being completed for the visit to Washington of Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia, later that month (Department of State Bulletin, May 24, 1954, page 787). A memorandum by the Chief of Protocol to the Secretary of State, dated May 25, gave a detailed [Page 454] program of the Emperor’s visit. He was expected to arrive on May 26, and a dinner was to be given by the President at the White House that evening. On May 27, the Secretary of State was giving a dinner in honor of the Emperor. On May 28, the Emperor was giving a dinner in honor of the President at the Ethiopian Embassy; and on May 29, after meeting with the President, the Emperor and his party were to leave for Princeton and New York. The Emperor’s official visit was scheduled to end on June 3, when he planned to leave New York for Boston, the first stop on an unofficial tour of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. At the end of June, the Emperor planned to return to New York for a private visit of about 2 weeks, until his departure for Europe on July 14. Documentation on this topic is in Department of State file 775.11. The texts of statements made by the President and the Emperor at the White House dinner on May 26 and an address by the Emperor before a joint session of Congress on May 28 are printed in the Department of State Bulletin, June 7, 1954, pages 867–870.