775.5 MSP/5–2754

Memorandum of Conversation, by the Director, Office of African Affairs (Utter)1



  • Proposed Discussions regarding Ethiopian Problems.


  • Ato Aklilou, Ethiopian Foreign Minister.
  • John Spencer, Adviser to the Ethiopian Government.
  • Henry Byroade, Assistant Secretary.
  • John Utter, AF.

The Ethiopian Foreign Minister requested a short interview with Mr. Byroade to discuss questions of mutual interest to the US and Ethiopia. He informed Mr. Byroade that he would like to come to Washington at the end of the Emperor’s trip around this country to discuss the following subjects among others which either we or he might wish to raise:

The continuation of US military aid to Ethiopia through MAAG and pursuant to the Military Aid Agreement signed May 22, 1953.
The promotion of US private investment in the development of Ethiopia.
General problems covering our relations.

Ato Aklilou mentioned that the Emperor would like to have ten or 15 minutes serious conversation with the President after the dinner given at the Ethiopian Embassy in the evening. He also referred to Ethiopia’s desire to obtain further loans from the World Bank to develop Ethiopia.

The visit was cut short as the Foreign Minister had to leave to attend a ceremony in honor of the Emperor at Howard University. Before Ato Aklilou left, however, Mr. Byroade assured him that he would be ready and happy to hold conversations at the end of June and beginning of July when the Foreign Minister could be in Washington for about ten days.

  1. This memorandum of conversation was initialed by Byroade.
  2. This conversation took place at 3:45 p.m.