888.2553/11–2453: Telegram

No. 391
The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Aldrich) to the Department of State1


2228. British most grateful for your helpful comments (urtel 1148).2

They are arranging for following message from Eden to be sent to Swiss Minister Tehran for presentation to Entezam.

Verbatim text.

“You will recall that, in the last message I sent to General Zahedi, I said that I was considering whether there was anything further I could do to assist difficulty over a resumption of diplomatic relations. I have given much thought to this, and believe that the best way to proceed would be for us to agree upon the text of a joint communiqué which could be put out simultaneously in Tehran and London. The terms of the communiqué might be as follows:

HMG and the Persian Government have now decided to resume diplomatic relations and to exchange Ambassadors without delay. They will thereafter proceed at the earliest mutually [Page 844] agreed moment to negotiate a settlement of the oil dispute which has recently clouded relations between them, and thus to complete the restoration of their traditional friendship. They are confident that, with good will, a solution can be reached which will take account of the national aspirations of the Persian people regarding the natural resources of their country and which, on the basis of justice and equity, will safeguard the honour and interest of both parties.

Thus it is hoped that a real contribution will have been made to the welfare of the two peoples and to the cause of peace and international cooperation.’

I very much hope that you will be able to concur in the wording that is suggested above. In that event, all that will remain for us to do is to concert, through the Swiss Government the time at which we should make our simultaneous announcements. I shall be quite ready to leave the choice of time to you, but would suggest that it should be as soon as possible. I feel strongly, as you know, that the present estrangement between our countries should be ended without delay.” End verbatim text.

British have chosen formal channel of Swiss Minister since its use may incline Persians give more definite reply than less formal approach. Nevertheless, they are anxious that, in concert with your Swiss colleague, you should at same time speak informally to Entezam on lines you have hitherto taken. Eden asks us to add that your efforts are very highly valued.3

  1. Sent to Tehran as telegram 65 and repeated to the Department.
  2. See footnote 3, supra.
  3. On Nov. 28 Ambassador Henderson reported that Eden’s message reached the Swiss Minister only the previous evening, that the Minister delivered it that morning, and that Foreign Minister Entezam seemed to be somewhat disappointed and reserved when given the message. (Telegram 1195; 888.2553/11–2853)