788.00/8–1653: Telegram

No. 342
The Chargé in Iran (Mattison) to the Department of State 1


331. At early hour this morning Embassy received reports of confusing nature to effect that Shah had issued decree removing Mosadeq as Prime Minister and that resultant activity had involved various troop movements and arrests in Tehran. At 7 a.m. Radio Tehran announced coup d’état against Mosadeq government had been attempted last night and had been successfully thwarted by government. Information received by Embassy at about same time tended confirm fact government had situation under control.

ARMISH has been informed General Riahi, Chief of Staff, under orders Prime Minister has arrested three of five brigade commanders Tehran garrison and General Kiani, Assistant Chief of Staff. Meeting at Iranian officers club now in progress presided by General Riahi attended by general officers.

  1. Repeated to London and Beirut for Ambassador Henderson.