788.00/7–1453: Telegram

No. 333
The Chargé in Iran (Mattison) to the Department of State


91. Rumors rife tonight that Mosadeq will force governmental crisis through resignation all National Front deputies, to be followed by “referendum.” Acting Minister Court Amini tells me he trying dissuade Mosadeq from such action, but not optimistic.

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Purpose this move stated to be to achieve dissolution Majlis under emergency powers without recourse firman from Shah. Move has no constitutional basis, but Prime Minister apparently believes he has strength to get way with it.

Possibility exists that Prime Minister is spreading news of drastic action in order to bring his divided supporters into line. It is generally agreed that he still remains most astute politician in Iran.1

  1. The Embassy reported on July 15 that on the previous evening all the National Front deputies caucused at Mosadeq’s house and resigned from the Majlis, except for Moazami, who was charged with retaining control of the speakership of the Majlis. This action made it impossible for the Majlis to meet because it now lacked a quorum. The Embassy did not know what Mosadeq’s next move would be, but there was speculation that he would either hold a national referendum to decide the fate of the 17th Majlis, or that he might decree a new electoral law and call for elections. (Telegram 95; 788.00/7–1553)