788.11/5–2053: Telegram

No. 328
The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Iran 1

top secret

3067. British Embassy Washington has received following message from Churchill reurtel 4474:2

“You may certainly inform the State Department that while we do not interfere in Persian politics we should be very sorry to see the Shah lose his powers or leave his post or be driven out. Perhaps Mr. Henderson will convey this assurance to the Shah and say that it comes personally from me.”

  1. Drafted and signed by Richards.
  2. In telegram 4474, May 20, Ambassador Henderson informed the Department that he spoke with an emissary of the Shah on May 17, who said that the Shah was disturbed by the British attitude toward him and wanted a clarifying statement from Henderson as to the British attitude before Henderson departed for Washington early in June. (788.11/5–2053)