No. 23
Editorial Note

On May 18 the Department of State released to the press a statement on the United States position concerning the Iranian oil situation. After noting that the United States was firm friends with both Iran and the United Kingdom, the press release stated that the United States had expressed to the British the need for greater Iranian control over its petroleum resources and that the United States had pointed out to Iran the serious effects of any unilateral cancellation of a contract. The statement further asserted that the United States oil companies would not be willing to undertake operations in Iran in the face of such unilateral action and ended [Page 57] with the hope that through negotiation the interests of both Iran and the United Kingdom could be realized.

This resulted in an Iranian aide-mémoire, dated May 21, protesting that the United States request for negotiations was interference in Iranian internal affairs. On May 23, at his press conference, Secretary Acheson expressed surprise at the Iranian reaction to the press release and on May 26 in an aide-mémoire the United States expressed its regret that the statement had been construed as interference in Iranian internal affairs, reiterated its concern over the solution of the oil controversy, and repeated that a problem of this kind could be settled satisfactorily only by negotiations between the parties concerned.

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