888.2553/8–3052: Telegram

No. 214
The Ambassador in Iran (Henderson) to the Department of State 1

top secret

931. Eyes only Bruce and Byroade, Dept. No other distribution whatsoever. Joint tel drafted by Henderson and Middleton.

We called on Mosadeq this afternoon at 3:30 in order to deliver to him joint msg from Pres US and PriMin UK. Henderson opened substantive part of conv by referring to our conv of Aug 27 during which after discussing proposed joint msg we decided to postpone its delivery until further instrs had been recd from the UK and US Govts. These instrs had now been recd and in pursuance of them we were delivering joint msg. In doing so we wished again to emphasize that msg was being sent in spirit of friendliness and in sincere hope that it wld lay basis for solution of oil problem.
Middleton said that he wished to associate himself with remarks made by Amer Amb. The msg was conceived in amity and sympathy. He hoped Dr. Mosadeq wld give it the same careful study as its authors gave to its preparation. HMG earnestly asked that the talks arising from the msg shld take place in an atmosphere free from recrimination and in spirit of impartiality. Finally Middleton said HMG who were devoting so much to the defense of the free world hoped that the Iran Govt wld see fit to take measures against Communist and subversive elements who only seek to harm relations between the two countries.
Henderson said that since the PriMin had made it clear that it wld be necessary for msg to be published immediately after delivery, US Govt wld issue text of msg to press today. Spokesman for US Govt wld simultaneously make statements to the press indicating the friendly spirit in which it had been sent. Middleton said HMG wld also publish today.
Mosadeq remarked that if the msg was the same as that discussed on Aug 27 he must in all frankness say that it wld have an evil effect. Turning to Henderson he said Irans were not donkeys and cld no longer be deceived by professions of friendliness.
Addressing himself to both of us Mosadeq said that he wld be answering note shortly. But he cld not disguise that public reaction wld be unfavorable and that his govt wld never enter into the kind of agrmt suggested. He cld only suppose that we wished to get rid of him and bring in another govt. We both demurred and again [Page 474] urged him to recognize the genuinely helpful spirit in which the msg had been prepared. He did not respond. He was clearly disappointed, resentful and worried.
Middleton in course of his remarks made it clear that HMG considered that the msg constituted a reply to the Iran note of Aug 7.2
  1. Repeated to London eyes only for the Chief of Mission.
  2. See footnote 2, Document 197.