788.5 MSP/1–1052

No. 143
The Director for Mutual Security (Harriman) to the Deputy Secretary of Defense (Foster)

top secret

My Dear Mr. Foster : I refer to your letters to me and to the Secretary of State, dated January 8, 1952, in which you suggest a proposed course of action by the President designed to deal with the failure of the Iranian Government to give us the assurances required by Section 511(a) of the Mutual Security Act of 1951.1

Since the receipt of these letters, further discussions on this subject have been had with representatives of your office and of the Department of State. As a result of these discussions it has been mutually agreed by all agencies concerned that the proposed course of action should not be recommended to the President at this time. Accordingly, I shall not bring the matter to the President’s attention.2

Sincerely yours,

W. A. Harriman
  1. See footnote 3, Document 141.
  2. On Jan. 12, Frank C. Nash sent a reply to Harriman informing him that the Department of Defense had taken appropriate action to hold in abeyance further shipments of military aid to Iran in conformity with the provisions of Section 511(a) of the Mutual Security Act of 1951. (GTI files, lot 57 D 529, “Military Aid, 1950–1954”)