768.5 MSP/7–1552: Telegram

No. 646
The Ambassador in Yugoslavia (Allen) to the Department of State1


64. Emb Bled tel 1, July 14.2 Tito asked me to come to Brdo last night for “informal and personal talk” about tripartite memo re econ aid (Embtel 63, rpted info Paris 7, London 83). He showed considerably more agitation over subject than I had expected and said flatly that Yugo govt had no choice but to reject memo as it stood, even if Yugo must forego further econ help. His chief objections [Page 1299]were to harshness of tone, efforts to force change in Yugo econ policy, and limitations on Yugo sovereignty. He said if aide-mémoire became public, Yugo’s position wld be untenable. He expressed hope memo cld be withdrawn and replaced by acceptable one without public knowledge.

It was evident that Tito himself is behind Yugo excitement over memo.

I said I welcomed his frank declarations and wld be equally frank. I said he showed more sensitiveness to criticism than even I had expected, although I had thought I knew him well. If he wished to reject memo he was free to do so but my most friendly advice was that he reply to it, point out any facts he felt we had overlooked or misstated. I believed formal agreement cld be worked out acceptable to both.

After considerable frank but friendly discussion Tito accepted my suggestions and said Yugo reply wld be forthcoming in few days. He said our talk had enabled him to find way out of impossible situation.

Yugo reply will doubtless be strong, chiefly for Yugo psychological reasons and for record, and considerable discussions will ensue but I believe long-run effect will be salutary.

  1. Repeated for information to Paris and London.
  2. Not found in Department of State files.
  3. In telegram 63, July 15, Allen reported that Deputy Foreign Minister Crnobrnja had told him and the British Ambassador on July 12 that he was surprised at the harsh tone of the aide-mémoire regarding tripartite aid which the three Western Ambassadors had delivered to the Foreign Office on July 10. (768.5 MSP/7–1552)