762.022/2–652: Telegram

No. 610
The Secretary of State to the Embassy in France1


4603. Eyes only for Bruce. We are deeply concerned by report in Bonn 1435, rpt London 380, Paris 4472 that French, after receipt of views of the Secy on the Saar, including suggestions on his part in effort to be helpful, and your offer to stand by for immed assistance, shld take action reported above reftel prior to any response to our suggestions. This is particularly disturbing as proposal apparently calls for assurances and commitments on part of this Govt.

Although we do not know exact proposal doubt very much from our understanding of situation that Adenauer can agree to conditions attached to discussions. If this is true, and matter is leaked to press, effort will probably only result in further hardening of positions.

Believe French must be made to realize that the US, by virtue its status of occupying power, and as party to original Saar understanding, [Page 1409]expects to be consulted on any future move on this question. Neither can we remain passive while situations develop which threaten to disrupt progress on issues in Eur on which we have such a vital stake.

Request therefore that you approach Schuman at earliest possible hour in morning with indication of our feeling in manner you consider most appropriate. He shld be informed that, while we have not seen statement, our reprs in Ger fear it may be harmful. We request therefore that transmission of statement to the Chancellor be delayed until reprs of occupying powers can all consider its implications and whether it is something the occupying powers can support at this time.

For Paris message center: this message and reftel shld be delivered personally to Bruce prior to 8:00 a.m.

  1. Drafted by Byroade and cleared in draft with Perkins. Repeated to Bonn eyes only for McCloy, and to London eyes only for Gifford.
  2. Supra .