Reports by United States Missions in Germany on the reaction in the German Democratic Republic to the negotiation and signing of the Contractual Agreements; the second conference of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany, July 9–12, 1952; the declaration of the “New Course” in the German Democratic Republic, June 11, 1953; the June disturbances; the food relief program; the Soviet declaration of sovereignty for the German Democratic Republic, March 25, 1954; the fourth congress of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany, March 30–April 6, 1954; subsequent implementation of United States policy toward the German Democratic Republic

[705] No. 705
The Acting Secretary of State to All Diplomatic Offices

762B.02/11–1952: Circular airgram

[710] No. 710
The Embassy in Germany to the Department of State

762A.00/6–0353: Despatch

[716] No. 716
Chancellor Adenauer to President Eisenhower


[718] No. 718
President Eisenhower to Chancellor Adenauer


[721] No. 721
Record of the Sixth CINCUSAREURHICOG Commanders Conference, Heidelberg, June 29, 1953, 1:30 p.m.

Department of the Army files, 338–78–0071. 337/1, B/P #6

[722] No. 722
Memorandum by the Special Assistant to the President (Jackson) to the President

Eisenhower Library, C. D. Jackson papers, “1931–67”

[723] No. 723
Memorandum by the Director of the Bureau of German Affairs (Riddleberger) to the Secretary of State

Secretary’s Letters, lot 56 D 459, “F–G